We answer your questions #2

Submitted by lukasz on Thu, 12/16/2021 - 10:34
The second Q&A IRONMAN Poland 2022 session has gone down in history. We would like to thank everyone for the questions asked on IRONMAN Poland's social networks. All your comments allow us to constantly raise the level of organized events. Below you will find specific questions and answers from the session that took place on Tuesday, December 14. The next Q&A session is on January 25, 2022.

Will the swim start be the same as last year or a mass start?

The start of swimming will be the same as last year. As in all IRONMAN races, we will be dealing with the Rolling start formula. It is a much safer start formula, giving significantly less advanced athletes a lot of comfort at the start line. This formula virtually eliminates the so-called „washing machine”. Also, the surveys you fill out after each race show that the rolling start formula is something that almost everyone praises and wants to keep in the next races. Next year, we will return to the starting zones, depending on your estimated swimming time, which will allow you to position yourself in a specific place to other competitors. We count on your rationality and approach to your abilities. If nevertheless, someone places himself or herself in the wrong zone, too strong group may swim over such a person, and a person who stands too much behind may swim over the slower group. Therefore, try to estimate the swimming time accurately. It is essential that in the age groups, the Net time applies, i.e. regardless of when you go into the water. The time measurement starts when you cross the starting gate and enter the water. There is a mass start only for Pros, and the gross time applies.

How will I get my things from T1 when we finishing far away from them?

Due to the distant zones T1 and T2 at the race in Warsaw (similarly to IRONMAN Frankfurt), we have organized the transport of both items that you leave at T1 after swimming and all items left in the depot before the start. After the race your staff from T1 will be in T2, and your depot will be in the finisher zone. You don't have to worry about what is happening with this. This job belongs to us. Due to the remoteness of zones T1 and T2, there will be three cars on the cycling course to help athletes with technical defects. The service in these cars will take the competitors from the bike course. Most of you won’t have access to a mobile phone during the race, so please inform any volunteer, marshall or referee about the withdrawal from the race - this person will inform the service form technical cars that will help you safely reach the finisher zone.

How difficult is IM Gdynia bike course compared to the other IM events in EU?

The bike course in Gdynia is not as challenging as, for example, at the IRONMAN Lanzarote race. However, it is also not flat. On the contrary, it is a hilly course with a few climbs that do not exceed 8% and are never longer than 2 km. After you complete the first climb and enter the area outside the city, you will deal with the so-called rolling hills. Many of you may find it a better profile variant than a completely flat course, which does not allow you to take a break from cranking even for a second. Here, after even a small climb, it is gently downhill. Remember - always starting from the place you return to, you will have the same uphill and downhill ride. Very important that outside Gdynia, a large part of the course runs through areas with a lot of forests. Therefore it is sheltered from wind and sun.

Also, remember that next year we will slightly change the course. We are doing it to give you an opportunity to compete on better quality and even more enjoyable course.

There is a 1,200 m elevation gain for the full IRONMAN distance. On comparable 70.3 distance course Magnus Dittlev had time less than 2 hours, which gave an average of over 45 kilometers per hour, and Daniela Ryf asked about the difficulty of the course – “light hills, I nailed the whole course on a large chainring”.

The profile of this course definitely gives the stronger athletes an advantage. Strong cyclists will feel the course profile a bit less. So it's time for training.

Can you mark the locations of nutrition points on the courses maps?

We will mark such points, and during the presentation of the courses at the conference IRONMAN Poland Tour on January 11, 2022, we will clearly define what each nutrition zone will look like, both on a bike and a run. We will mark places with water, isotonic drinks, bars, gels and other things. New for 2022 will be the Special Needs Bag, which will allow you to put on the course all of your items that you would like access to, both at the cycling and running course. In addition, no later than eight weeks before the race, we will announce the brand of a Nutrition partner who will support you and fuel your bodies. Lifting the veil of secrecy - we are in the process of finalizing the negotiations with the Nutrition Partner, and we will do our best to tell you who will support you in the race in the first quarter of 2022

Can you explain the slot allocation rules? Maybe you could allocate one to a draw among all the finishers ... my chances would be multiplied

 The IRONMAN Group determines the rules for awarding World Championship slots. The number of slots in each category depends on the number of people starting the race, in each age group. The more crowded a category is, the more slots there are in that category. Sometimes, people from out of top 10 can get a slot for the World Championship in the roll-down procedure. Changing the number of slots in a category may also change if no slots are distributed in another category.

It is a prerequisite for you to appear at the slot award ceremony. If a slot is awarded, pay for it directly at the ceremony to claim a solt. Otherwise, the slot goes to the next person.

The second option is The IRONMAN Legacy Program - for the most persistent athletes. 12 full-distance  starts in career entitle you to enter the draw for such a slot. The chances are very high - practically everyone who finishes 12 races can get the slot. You can use this option once in your life.

Unfortunately, as suggested in the question, it will not be possible to draw a slot among all finishers in Gdynia.

Is it possible to purchase cancellation insurance? Where can you get it?

It is crucial that insurance can only be purchased when registering for an event. Insurance allows you to get back your entry fee by giving a reason described in terms and conditions.

The insurance guarantees reimbursing the starting fee, due to an injury or illness, documented with a medical certificate. The return of the whole amount may also occur when you cannot reach the start due to reasons, e.g., a failure of the the transport.

The insurance does not allow you to get a refund without giving a reason.

We invite you for the next Q&A on January 25. Please ask us next questions. Thank you again for your time.