Kids Aquathlon Gdynia - Polish Championship in Aquathlon

06-08-2021 10:00
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Kids Aquathlon is a competition for our young sports enthusiasts. Children aged 5 to 19 race in the aquathlon formula involving swimming and running. There are several distances suitable for different age categories.

It is a perfect opportunity to encourage youngsters to take on physical activity as well as to ignite their passion for triathlon.


Aquathlon Kids Gdynia (Polish Aquathlon Championships):


Children 5 - 6 years old 50 meters of swimming and 200 meters of running 2016 - 2015
Children 7 - 8 years old 50 meters of swimming and 200 meters of running 2014 - 2013
Children 9 - 10 years old 100 meters of swimming and 500 meters of running 2012 - 2011
Żak 11 - 12 years old 200 meters of swimming and 1000 meters of run 2010 - 2009
Młodzik 13 - 14 years old 400 meters of swimming and 2000 meters of run 2008 - 2007
Junior Młodszy 15 - 17 years old 400 meters of swimming and 2000 meters of run 2006 - 2004
Junior 18 - 19 years old:
800 meters of swimming and 5,000 meters of run

2003 - 2002

The distances "Children 5 - 6 years old", "Children 7 - 8 years old" and "Children 9 - 10 years old" are held without the rank of the Polish Championships

11-19 years old, the PZTri annual license applies in the Kids Aquathlon

Limit: 500 people

Starting fee:

31, May 2021 -> 40 PLN
30, June 2021 -> PLN 50
25, July 2021-> 60 PLN

Kids Aquathlon


1. The organiser of Kids Aquathlon is a sports marketing agency SE Group, with its registered office in Warsaw at 31a Czapli, 02-781 Warsaw.
2. The event is held with financial support from Gdynia city and in cooperation with Gdynia Sport Centre.


1. THE RACE OFFICE: Kosciuszki Square in Gdynia, July 31, 2020,12:00-16:30.
2. START AND FINISH: main city beach in Gdynia.
3. Kids Aquathlon will be held on Friday, 31.07.2020.
4. SWIMMING: The waters of the Gulf of Gdansk. Start from the beach shoreline. The predicted temperature of the water in the basin: 17-20 °C. Competitors must have the swimming equipment (swimwear, at water temp. below 20 °C it is allowed to swim in triathlon foams). Swimming cap is provided by the organiser.
5. RUN: on the Seaside Boulevard, surface: asphalt. While running full dress is compulsory, it is forbidden to run without a t-shirt or without start number.
6. TRANSITION AREA: on the Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia.
7. Timing - electronic , using chips.
15:00 – W5,
15:20 – M5,
15:40 – W8,
16:00 – M8,
16:20 – W10,
16:40 – M10,
17:00 – W12/M12,
17:20 – W14/M14.


1. W5/M5 (5-7 years old); swim 50 m + run 200 m
2. W8/M8 (8-9 years old); swim 100m + run 500 m
3. W10/M10 (10-11 years old); swim 200 m + run 1000 m
4. W12/M12 (12-13 years old); swim 200 m + run 1000 m
5. W14/M14 (14-15 years old); swim 400 m + run 2000 m
1. All participants who complete Kids Aquathlon, will receive a commemorative medal at the finish.
2. The results will be announced no later than 15 minutes before the awards ceremony.
3. In the case of absence from the awards ceremony, the prize can be collected only at the Organiser's office in Warsaw till 31st August 2020.
4. Prizes will be awarded to winners of I-III places in each age category of boys and girls.
5. The organiser reserves the right to introduce additional awards in their chosen categories.


1. The condition for admitting a competitor in the competition is a handwritten signature of the parent / legal guardian on the certificate of absence of contraindications for participation in the competition, which will be available in the Race Office and the document with a photo.
2. Participants take part in the event under the responsibility of parents / legal guardians. Providing the Organiser with a correctly completed registration form and paying the entry fee means that the parent / legal guardian has considered and evaluated the nature, scope and extent of the risks of participation of the child / ward in the competition, including the risk of accidents, the risk of injuries or injuries (including death), as well as damages for pecuniary and voluntarily decided to take that risk.
4. Participants are required to comply with the rules and instructions issued by the organisers and law enforcement.
5. Decisions of medical services, for the continuation of race, are final and irrevocable. Medical transport results in the disqualification of the competitor.
6. The organiser will provide participants with accident insurance.


1. Registrations for Kids Aquathlon will be accepted via the registration form available on the website
2. On-line registrations will be accepted until 19th July 2020. After that date, if the limit is not exhausted, registration will be possible in the Race Office, 31st July at 12:00 - 16:30.
3. Limit of the participants in Kids Aquathlon is 500 people. The organiser reserves the right to early closure of the registration in case of reaching the limit.
4. The registration shall be deemed to provide a properly filled in registration form and paid the fee in the amount specified by these rules.
5. The fee is to be paid during the registration process, otherwise the registration will be cancelled.
6. Entry fee can be paid through the transaction service. All data provided in payments are made on a secure encrypted site.
7. When the registration is completed, you will get an email confirmation. Furthermore, relevant information will be available in your registration history in your personal account on
8. The amount of fee depends on the date of payment:
till March 31, 2020 – 40 PLN
till April 30, 2020 – 45 PLN
till May 31, 2020 – 50 PLN
till June 30, 2020 – 55 PLN
till 19 July 2020 – 60 PLN
in the Race Office - 75 PLN
9. Once the payment is made it is non-refundable and cannot be prescribed for another year or another participant.
10. As part of the entry fee, each participant Kids Aquathlon receives:
• accident insurance,
• start number with four safety pins,
• swimming cap,
• commemorative Kids Aquathlon finisher T-shirt,
• medal at the finish line,
• gifts from sponsors and partners of the event.
11. Packets that are not claimed in the Race office opening hours will not be distributed or sent at a later date.
12. To receive an invoices check I want to receive an invoice in registration form or login to your account at, go to the Registration history tab and choose I want to receive an invoice.


1. The personal data administrator is SE Group Sp. z o.o.. ul. Zimowa 31a/28 05-515 Nowa,
2. Personal data of the participants of the Kids Aquathlon will be processed for the purpose of organizing and conducting the run, selecting the winner and awarding, collection and settling of the awards and other activities related to the business activity of the Organiser and shall not be shared with other entities.
3. For the purposes of chip timing and result sheet creation as well as sending one's bib number information and official time, personal data of the athlete (name, last name, year of birth, gender, city, email address, phone number) will be shared with Datasport, ul. Okrężna 22, 58-310 Szczawno Zdrój.
4. The participant has a right to access his/her data and correct them. Providing personal data and consent to their processing is optional, but necessary to achieve the said objectives. Failure of data or lack of consent to the processing prevents participation in Kids Aquathlon. Please be advised that expressed consent may be revoked at any time.
5. Processing of participants data, in connection with participation in Kids Aquathlon, includes publication of name, surmane, year of birth, club participant with the name of the town in which he resides - in every way in which the project will be published.
6. All information concerning participants obtained by the Organiser and included in the registration form will be recorded in electronic way and in each case they will be used pursuant to in accordance with the applicable law.
7.The organizer reserves the right to carry out interviews with participants and to photograph and record participants for marketing and promotional purposes.
8. The organizer reserves the right to use, without compensation, all photographs, films, interviews, and voice recordings introducing the event participants. These materials may be used by the organizer in the form of CD-ROMs, DVDs, catalogues, internet sites, newspapers, and exhibition stands, as well for promotional-commercial purposes concerning the events run by the organizers.


1. Complaints concerning matters related to the Kids Aquathlon, should be submitted in writing together with the reasons to the contractor to: SE Group, Janki, ul. Falencka 1B, 05-090 Raszyn, with a note " Kids Aquathlon - Complaint", within 7 days from the date of the event – directly, by registered mail (postmark date decides) or on
2. Complaints received after the deadline specified in paragraph 1 of this section shall not be considered.
3. Complaints about the Kids Aquathlon will be settled by the organiser within 30 days of their receipt.
4. The Organiser's decision on a complaint regarding the Kids Aquathlon will be final.


1. These rules apply to all participants of the Kids Aquathlon.
2. The organiser reserves the right to conduct with each of the participants in the interview, taking pictures and filming him for the purposes of advertising, promotion, use on the Internet or on the radio and television broadcasts and other commercial needs.
3. The organiser reserves the right to free use worldwide of any photos, footage, interviews and audio recordings showing the race participants. They can be used by the Promoter by placing on media such as CD-ROM, DVD, catalogues and media, on websites, in newspapers and exhibitions, as well as for the promotion - advertising related to the activities carried out by the organiser.
4. At the venue it is prohibited to bring drugs, illegal performance-enhancing substances and alcohol. Participants are prohibited from taking such drugs and substances, both before and during the
competition, under threat of exclusion from it. If a participant is found to violate the above prohibition, the organiser reserves the right to prevent him to participate in a competition or exclude him in the course of it.
5. Each participant of the Kids Aquathlon is obliged to take part in competition in the swimming cap submitted in the start packet, put the starting number during the run: in front, at waist level - under penalty of disqualification.
6. The organiser provides emergency medical care on the course and on the finish of the competition.
7. The organiser provides water security (Voluntary Water Rescue) during competition in the water.
8. The organiser does not take responsibility for the items lost during the event.
9. In case of theft or damage to equipment, each participant is obliged to report this fact to the Organiser representative in the transition zone and the police. Reports will be accepted by the Organiser only until receiving the equipment and leaving the transition zone by a competitor.
10. The results will be published on the event website and circulated in the media.
11. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons. Kids Aquathlon will be held regardless of weather conditions.
12. The organiser has the right to change the rules contained in the regulations provided that they notify all participants of the changes.
13. In matters not covered by regulations the organiser has the final word.


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