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Submitted by lukasz on Wed, 11/24/2021 - 11:12
The first Q&A session on IRONMAN Poland 2022 is behind us. During regular meetings, our experts will answer the most frequently asked questions. We would like to thank everyone for the questions asked on IRONMAN Poland's social networks. Thank you again for your feedback which allows us to make events even better. Below you will find specific questions and answers from the session that took place on Tuesday, November 23. The next Q&A session is on December 14.

Will the courses be the same as last year?


Swimming course will be unchanged – We leave separate T1 and T2 with the organized transfer for the competitors between transition zones.

We are planning the same or only minimally modified bike and run course, our intention is to maintain this beautiful tourist course near the Old Town – President’s Palace, The Royal Castle i and Warsaw University Campus with an appropriately measured distance for the IRONMAN 70.3 competition. We allow a slight extension of the 5150 running course, within 5% of the length.

We will publish GPX files after final approval of the courses in Q1 2022. We plan this for in January.


Swimming course will be unchanged, again "Aussie exit" for the full distance. However, we plan to change visibility of the buoys. We also plan to change organisation of the starting zones according to the planned time of completing the swimming stage (this year it was different due to covid regulations and the need to divide the competitors into starting groups).

Cycling course - we will invite competitors again to the hilly loop around Kashubia, but it will be modified and more safe and attractive. We already have a plan for a new cycling course, which is currently in agreement with the local authorities.

Running course - we return to the old 7Ks long loop so that the entire run takes place in the very centre of the city, on the boulevard and near Kościuszko Square. That thanks to this, many fans will gather along the entire course. We also plan to return to the course setting, that is, to prepare unique support points with music, etc. We will do everything to make positive energy for which Gdynia has been famous for years. Unfortunately, in the last two years, support points were not organised due to the arrangements regarding compliance with the sanitary regime (no consent to creating "unnecessary" groups of people).

We want to present the courses in Q1 2022, and we plan we will do it even in January.


Time measuring mats - we introduce the following standards at our events: measuring mats on the cycling course on average every 30 km, measuring mat on the running course on average every 5 km.

Nutrition points - We would like to present the nutrition points, their locations etc., together with the race courses, but we can now assure you that you will find energy gels on the nutrition points (we will announce the brand no later than 8 weeks before the event). Also warm noodle soup will appear for the late finishers on full distance like on IRONMAN Zurich. Additionally, Special Needs points will appear at full distance in Gdynia.

How many slots will be available in the season 2022?


On full distance we will have 45 slots for IRONMAN World Championship 2022 in Kailua-Kona.

On 70.3 distance we will have 30 slots for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2023 in Lahti.


On 70.3 distance we will have 45 slots for IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2022 in St. George

The currently valid number of slots can change. Most likely increased rather than decreased. A minimum of 30 slots is guaranteed.

How the Finisher zone will look like in 2022?

We want to do it with a big bang – THE FINISHER ZONE IN THE FORM OF BEACH PARTY at the City Beach in Gdynia. Similar to IRONMAN Mallorca. Salads, fruits and soups from Nowalijka, non-alcoholic Beer from Lech Free, water from Cisowianka, Energy drinks from Red Bull. And of course there will be the DJ. There will be a stage where we will conduct Age Group decorations and distribute slots for the World Championship. So that everything is in one place and that you can spend this time near the finish line, on the beach. We are sure that later some of you will return to the stands to create an unforgettable cheer for those who will finish after dark, We are sure that from the 2022 season, the finisher zone will become a real showcase of the IRONMAN Poland Tour events.  You will have again opportunity to buy an extra ticket for this zone for your relatives. And one really important thing – we organize the massage area for finishers.

For the last 2 years we have prioritised the safety during the event and due to pandemic we couldn't have regular finisher zone neither in Gdynia, nor in Warsaw.

You’ve asked questions about dedicated parking lots.

We are looking for solutions, and we will share with you details in Q12022.

However, we would like to point out - especially to competitors coming to us from abroad who do not know Gdynia - that all event zones - race office, expo, transition zone, start and finish line, etc.) are very close to each other, and also in the vicinity of most popular hotels in Gdynia and in the very tourist centre of the city. Therefore, there is usually no need to travel by car between, for example, a hotel and our event.

In Warsaw the set up is different. T1 And T2 is separate like in IRONMAN Frankfurt. We organize transport to T1, we intend to double the number of shuttle bus at selected, busiest hours on Saturday. We will adjust the transport, based on your declarations.

On the day of the event, we strongly recommend using official IRONMAN transport.

There will be train from Warsaw to Nieporęt. It’s only 30min to get there. Due to closed roads it might be difficult and stressful to go there by car. We want to make it smooth and easy. For those, who need to go to T1 by car, we will share a preferred route. Of course transport for athletes and spectators is included the entry fee.

We want to add the extra option of a VIP shuttle between host hotel to T1.

As we all know the availability of parking spaces is a fairly common problem in every large city like Gdynia and Warsaw.

Will there be a bike transfer company operating between Ireland and Gdynia?

We will verify it with our partners. Please contact and share more details. We will do our best we can to help arrange a secure transfer of bikes. We need to gather more information.

Will there be a bike service there that will take a bike box, assembly and disassembly bike and take them out of t2 and rebuild them?

We talk with our suppliers about the implementation of such a service. It will be available to participants using the hotel host, upon prior reservation. The service will be limited and  will include assembling the bike, collecting the bike from T2 and disassembling the to the transport case. We will present the price of this service in Q1 2022 and it will be available in the participant account on slotmarket.pl.

Thanks to this, you will be able to focus on recovery and pick up your bike the next day without nerves.

We invite you for the next Q&A on December 14. Please ask us next questions. Thank you again for your time.