We answer your questions #3

Submitted by lukasz on Wed, 01/19/2022 - 19:39
The third session of Q&A IRONMAN Poland 2022 is behind us. Thank you for all your questions. Below you will find specific questions and answers from the session that took place on Tuesday, January 18.

How exactly will the course in Poznań be, and when will the map be published?

Swimming Part & T1 - the swimming part will be on the Kierskie Lake near Kiekrz - the historic place. The venue of the first-ever triathlon competition in Poland, held in 1984)

T2 & Finish - Poznań International Fair (MTP Poznań Expo)

Bike course - in progress, we will present all courses, not only for Poznań, but also for Gdynia and Warsaw, in Q1 2022

The good point is to say a few words about the logistics and transportation between Transition zones. Especially for you, there will be dedicated shuttle trains from Poznań to Kiekrz, close to the event venues. Just a few meters from T2 is the train station - Poznań Główny. The transport will be neither for athletes nor supporters. After 10 minutes, the dedicated train will teleport you to T1 in Kiekrz.

Will the change of the cycling route in Gdynia significantly affect its difficulty level vs 2021?

Honestly, not much. First of all, our goal is to eliminate the course sections with poor road surface quality. However, the bike course around Gdynia has never been and will never be completely flat. It features some rolling hills, so many athletes find it very attractive and challenging. Still, we have T1 and T2 in the same place, so all the uphills are compensated with downhills.

Last but not least, this year we will be able to use some new course sections that we couldn't use before due to some construction works. Our course will also be consulted with our local triathlon experts, including strong age groupers, pro athletes, triathlon coaches etc.

Do you anticipate/consider the organization of the full distance in the coming years in Warsaw?

Never say never, but to be honest, it is doubtful. Our current agreement for the full distance in Gdynia is valid until 2024. Nothing will change in terms of the full IRONMAN in Poland by that time. We do feel Gdynia is the best place for a full distance event, anyway. Also, a full distance in Warsaw would be highly complicated - if not possible - to organize due to logistics, road closures etc. But again - never say never.

Where will you start swimming in this lake in Kiekrz?

We will start from the beach. It's called "Kąpielisko Plaża Parkowa". It's very close to Hotel Regata - which will be one of our official host hotels. Another landmark is the church in Kiekrz, just opposite the beach and very close to our T1 area.

Will it be possible to get a slot for World Cup 70.3 in 2023 in Poznań?

Yes. Poznań will be a qualifying event for the 2023 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Lahti, Finland. We will offer at least 30 slots for this event. This number can potentially be increased.

Also I would like to remind that:

- 70.3 Warsaw will qualify for 2022 St. George

- 70.3 Gdynia will qualify for 2023 Lahti

- 140.6 Gdyniawill qualify for 2022 Kona

What will be the profile of the cycling route in Poznań?

Yes, this course will be very flat and fast, so you will be able to hammer up for most of the bike course.

Will ther be a PRO category in Poznań race?

Yes, there will be Pro race on IRONMAN 70.3 Poznań. And there will be 1 slot for man and 1 slot for woman.

For the end of this Q&A, We would like also to remind few essential things:

- Registration for Poznań starts tomorrow (Tuesday) at 15:00 CET. We encourage you to register the first 300 packages at the lowest price level as soon as possible. The price for 70.3 is 225 EUR on the first threshold. The price of 5150 is € 80 in the First Tier. Please remember that we do not add any registration fees to these prices.

- Registration for Indoor Triathlon Warsaw only until Thursday. After that, there are the last 30 slots left—more at www.indoortriathlon.com.pl.

- Registrations are underway for other IRONMAN Poland events in Gdynia and Warsaw.