Abbott Returns as Sponsor of IRONMAN Poland Events

Submitted by lukasz on Thu, 04/28/2022 - 00:02
Abbott, a global healthcare company and leader in infectious disease testing, renews its sponsorship of the IRONMAN competitions in Poland this year and will also become the new title sponsor of the Abbott Night Run, a public run for 5 kilometers along the streets of Gdynia.

Abbott is the sponsor of the following events: Citi Handlowy IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw (June 10-12), Enea IRONMAN Gdynia (August 5-7), the Abbott Night Run (Aug. 5) and the Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Poznań (Sept. 2-4).

Last year, Abbott kicked off its inaugural IRONMAN Poland sponsorship supporting the event with providing COVID-19 antigen self-tests to support a confident return to competition for athletes, staff and fans during a time of uncertainty.  Having self-testing available for each athlete contributed to improved safety and peace of mind for all.

Bassem Bibi, Abbott
As a global healthcare company, Abbott’s mission is to help people live healthy, full lives. We are excited to continue our support of IRONMAN Poland as athletes from all over get back to the sport they love and push themselves to achieve their highest potential.



In addition to the triathlons, Abbott is the sole title sponsor of the night 5 km run - Abbott Night Run on August 5 along the streets of Gdynia. The night run aims to draw attention to the problem of the lack of access to electricity, which is faced by over a billion people in the world.

Each participant in the competition will receive a headlamp in the starter package, which will help them navigate in the dark. Because the run will take place on the eve of the Enea IRONMAN Gdynia triathlon weekend, the location of the finish line will be an additional attraction of Abbott Night Run. Runners will finish on Gdynia City Beach, in the same place as the "iron people" two days later.

Michał Drelich, director of IRONMAN Poland
RONMAN Poland and Abbott share a common goal of improving the lives of people. This year we are very happy to extend our partnership and name Abbott as the title sponsor of the night run and work together to help publicize the problem of the lack of access to electricity for a large number of people, a key resource that can directly improve the quality of life for many.



For the IRONMAN Poland events in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań, registrations can be made on the portal. In the same place, you can also register your participation in the Abbott Night Run and start the night run along the streets of Gdynia on August 5.