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About Event

Sprint Triathlon Relays is another side event to the Enea IRONMAN Gdynia. 3 athletes form a relay team - each one taking on one of the sprint distance triathlon courses.



Length swim 0,75 km, bike 20 km, run 5 km
Start  and Finish City beach in Gdynia
Start date/Time 5th August 2023
Swimming course Gdańsk Bay 
Bike course streets of Gdynia 
Run course streets of Gdynia and Boulevard 
Time limit 2 hours


Registration fee

Tier 1 390 PLN* 
Tier 2 450 PLN*
Tier 3 510 PLN*
Limit 150 teams

*the price includes all fees, i.e. there are no additional commissions for online payment, taxes, registration fees, etc.

Registration opens on 25th of October 2022


Age restrictions:

At least 16 years old at the starting date.


The Enea IRONMAN Gdynia competition schedule can be found HERE.



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Rules & Regulations


1. The organizer of Sprint Triathlon Gdynia 2019 is SE Group Sp. z o.o., ul. Zimowa 31a/28, 05-515 Nowa Iwiczna.


1. The competition in the convention without drafting.
2. Athlete licenses (annual or daily) issued by national triathlon associations are required to compete in the race.
3. The judges notify athletes of a breach of the Rules&Regulations showing the colorful cards in conjunction with verbal directive.
4. Colors of cards and related penalties are the following:

Yellow card: Temporary penalty 10 second Stop and Go;
Blue card: 1:00 Minute Penalty Time
Red card: disqualification;

5. Any player who collects three cards (of any color) will be disqualified.
6. A red card can be collected by too serious infringement disregard decisions of judges and organizers or unsafe and unsportsmanlike conduct.









Report to the next penalty tent Report to the next penalty tent


General Rules - Apply to all disciplines Penalty 
Public nudity or indecent exposure. red
Littering garbage outside outside of the marked areas at feed stations.  blue bez tla
Unsportsmanlike behaviour.  red
Use of music player, headphones, mobile phone, camera, video, listening or recording device.  red
Failing to use appropriate toilet facilities.
The penalty is based on the judgement of the official.
 red OR blue bez tla 
Moving outside the fixed course. red
Outside assistance. Accepting assistance from anyone other than a race official. This includes coaches, members of the public or supporters cycling, driving or running alongside an athlete. Being passed food or other items outside of the Personal Needs zone at the designated Feed Station.
The penalty is based on the judgement of the official.
 red OR yellow3
Failure to follow the instructions of a race official, marshal, public official or police officer.  red
Not stopping in the next penalty box after being shown a penalty card.  red
Failing to follow the prescribed course.  
Note: Any athlete who crosses the finish line without completing the full course may also be liable for further suspension from racing.
Entering under an assumed name or age, falsifying information, or giving false information or attempting to use an entry made by another person will result in the place being withdrawn and the possible suspension of the athlete(s) involved. red
Not wearing T-shirt or sports top while cycling or running. Wearing a uniform with front zipper undone below the point of the end of the breastbone during the competition. red OR yellow3


 Swim Penalty 
Failure to wear an appropriate wetsuit when required to do so in the event.  red
Failure to wear the swim cap provided  blue bez tla
Cutting the course short or gaining an unfair advantage  red
Any assistance required during the swim if forward progress is made. Athletes are permitted to use kayaks and boats as temporary support, as long as forward progress is not made.  red
The use of fins or other flotation devices.  red


Bike Penalty 
Dangerous riding: including crossing the centre line, overtaking on the wrong side  red
Drafting – riding within the designated draft zone  red OR blue bez tla
Failure to fasten the helmet securely during the bike phase  yellow3 OR red
Blocking, riding before the mount line or after the dismount line  yellow3
Failure to clearly display your race number on your helmet/bike  yellow3


Run Penalty 
Being accompanied by spectators down the finish line  red
Failure to clearly display your race number to the front  red
Transition zone  
Blocking other athletes yellow3
Interfering in other athlete's equipment yellow3

6. Out of concern for the safety of volunteers, organizers, competitors and fans - we introduce an annex to the regulations of the event valid during Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, Sprint Triathlon Gdynia and the Sprint Triathlon Gdynia Relay, referred to in the regulations as "the event" organized by Sport Evolution in the 2020 sport season. The regulations are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector concerning the way of organising mass events during the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic and the Act of 2 March 2020 on special solutions related to preventing, preventing and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 374). (Annex 1)


1. The competition will take place on 04.09.2020.

2. The start will take place at the City Beach in Gdynia at 12:00 am and will be wave-like. The finish will be located on the City Beach in Gdynia;

3. The organizer reserves the right to change the organization of the start and finish area.


1. The competition will take place over a sprint distance (0.75 km - 20.6 km - 5 km ).

2. A detailed route of the run will be posted on the website http://www.ironmangdynia.pl/, in the "Route" tab. The organizer has the right to change the route. Such a change does not result in any additional claims or obligations.

3. Swimming - 0.75 km. 1 loop in the Gulf of Gdansk. Start of swimming will take place from the shoreline of the city beach in Gdynia, the finish line will be located at the end of Kościuszko Square. Expected water temperature in September: 17-21 ° C. Swimming in wetsuits is allowed and recommended by the Organizer. At water temperatures below 16 ° C, swimming in wetsuits will be mandatory. If the water temperature exceeds 21.9 ° C, wetsuits and neoprene shorts will be prohibited. Time limit to finish swimming - 30 minutes.

4. Bike - 20.6 km. Access to the loop 0.6 km, then 2 loops x 9.7 km along the streets of Gdynia, access to the Transition Zone 0.6 km. A flat route, very fast, mostly via wide one-way roads. Marking the route length every 5 km. Road traffic closed on the whole course. Competition is in NON DRAFTING convention! All technically functional bicycle types allowed. The time limit for completing swim and bike part is 90 minutes.

5. Run - 5 km. 1 loop, route marked out along the main streets of Gdynia and on Bulwar Nadmorski. Surface: asphalt and cobblestones. A loop with a gentle ascent (ul. Świętojańska) about 1km long and with a slope of up to 2.5%. Designation of the route length every 1km. Completion limit - 2:00 hours.

6. Transition Zone - Transition Zone will be located on Aleja Jana Pawła II in the parking lot in front of the Gdynia Aquarium ; Bike check-in in Transition Zone will be possible only on Friday, 04.09.2020 year, 15:00 - 21:30; bike check-out after the competition on Saturday, 05.09.2020, 14:00 - 16:00; entering and removing bicycles from the Transition Zone based on the bib number and the band with the permission of the staff. Each competitor is obliged to leave and collect the bicycle and bags by himself.

7. Nutrition points - one point with drinks (isotonic, water) and isotonic drinks at the finish line, still mineral water, bananas, oranges.

8. Refreshment points - along the cross-country route at the nutrition points.

9. Portable toilets - located close to the swimming start area, in the change area, along the cycling and running routes.

10. Time measurement - electronic chips. The chip must be worn on the leg from the moment of crossing the start line to the end of the competition. Each competitor is obliged to return the chip in the place indicated by the Organizer (Chapter VII point 9). On the route of the Competition there will be checkpoints for electronic time measurement. Bypassing the control gate, as well as running onto a sidewalk, lawn or any part of the road that is not a running route, may result in disqualification.

11. After the limit expires, the Athlete is obliged to immediately leave the route. He can get to the finish by a vehicle with the inscription "End of the race".

12. A person who stays on the route after this time has done so at his own risk and may be punished for violating traffic rules and the Civil Code. 


1. Relay competitors will start in last wave of Sprint Triathlon Gdynia at 12.00 AM


1. A person who is 16 years old at the latest on the start may participate in the Competition.

2. Each athelte competing in the Event must be verified in the Race Office.

3. The condition for positive verification on 04.09.2020 is:

a. the competitor's personal appearance and the confirmation of submission submitted in the Race Office in the form of a QR ticket, which should be downloaded from the e-mail received and an identity document or passport.

b. the presence of an authorized person who is required to provide confirmation of the player's application in the form of a QR ticket and identity document or passport of the saved Player.

Transferring a QR ticket to a third party means the power of attorney to collect the starter package by the person who holds the ticket. The organizer does not correspond to who the start package will be issued to.

E-mail messages containing a QR ticket will be sent one week before the Competition.

4. The condition of admission of a competitor to participate in the Competition is:

- completing the registration form and paying the entry fee;

- meeting the requirements specified in the Competition Regulations;

- possession of a daily or annual license of a national triathlon federation;

- positive verification in the Race Office;

- Bike check-in in the Transition Zone at a place and time specified by the Organizer.

5. In the case of minors, only persons with the consent of parents / legal guardians to participate in the competition will be admitted.

6. Correct verification in the Competition Office means that the competitor confirms that he starts only on his own responsibility and bears the associated risk, acknowledging that participation in the Competition is associated with physical effort and involves a natural risk and risk of accidents, the possibility of sustained injuries and physical injuries (including death), as well as property damage and losses, and he voluntarily decided to take this risk and voluntarily decided to take this risk.

7. The relay team consists of three people, of whom:

- the first person swims 750m and reaches the transition zone,

- a second person rides a bicycle 20.6 km and reaches the transition zone,

- the third person runs 5km.

8. One participant in the relay may start only in one stage of the competition (swimming or cycling or running).

9. Participants of the Competition are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the services responsible for directing road traffic, including the Police, City Guards, referees and other services securing the route of the Competition, and to comply with the rules and instructions issued by the Organizers and law enforcement.

10. Referees have the right to disqualify a competitor who does not comply with the rules contained in the Regulations. 

11. Medical service decisions regarding the continuation of the competition are final and indisputable. The medical transport of a competitor results in his disqualification.

12. If a competitor decides to withdraw from the competition at any time in the competition, he is obliged to report this fact to the referees and return the chip.

13. The competitor is required to return the chip after the competition at the time of picking up the bike from the change area. In the event of loss or download before the start of the second chip, the competitor should pay an additional 50 PLN, otherwise he will be disqualified.

14. The organizer provides accident insurance to competitors who have been correctly verified in the Competition Office on 04.09.2020. Each participant will be covered by insurance in the scope of insurance against the consequences of accidents occurring during the period of the insurer's liability in the territory of the Republic of Poland, consisting of bodily injury or health disorder, resulting in permanent damage to the health or death of the insured. The policyholder pays the premium.

15. The cost of the entry fee, accommodation, travel and self-catering, each participant covers on their own.

16. Items for deposit will be accepted only in the bags attached to the starter packages, on which, in the designated place, a sticker with the starting number should be affixed. The bag can be picked up only on the basis of the starting number. If the participant loses the start number, the Organizer is released from liability for collecting the bag by another person. 

17. The organizer is not responsible for valuables left in the deposit.


1. Competition entries will be accepted through the application form available on the SlotMarket.pl website. Registration will start on 3/12/2019 and will last until 23/09/2020 or slots run out.

2. The limit of participants in competition is 150 relays. The organizer reserves the right to close subscriptions early if the limit of entries is met.

3. The organizer reserves the right to change the limit of places.

4. The submission shall be deemed to have been a correctly completed application form and payment of the entry fee in the amount specified in these regulations.

5. Starting fees for participation in the Competition, depending on the date of payment, are:

350 PLN - first 50 slots

450 PLN - another 50 slots

600 PLN - another 50 slots

6. Confirmation of successful registration is:

- confirmation of registration for the competition with SlotMarket.pl (contact@slotmarket.pl),

- payment confirmation from DotPay,

- information about registration in the history of entries on the account of the SlotMarket.pl user (status: "Registered").

7. The entry fee must be paid via the DotPay transaction service. All data provided in payments are entered on a secure encrypted page.

8. The entry fee must be paid during registration, otherwise the application will be cancelled. 

9. The organizer is not responsible for deadlines for bank and postal transfers.

10. It is not possible to transfer a fee once paid to another participant or to another date.

11. Resignation from the competition should be reported by email to: info@ironmangdynia.pl. The amount of reimbursement of the entry fee depends on the date of notification of resignation:

- up to 4 months before the competition (i.e. until May 5, 2020) we refund: 50% of the entry fee;

- 45 days before the competition (i.e. until July 2, 2020) we refund: 25% of the entry fee;

- less than 45 days before the competition (i.e. after July 2, 2020) the entry fee is not refundable.

12. Each participant who passes and acquires a starter package without notifying the organizer may be disqualified as well as suspended from participation in events organized by SE Group sp. z o. o. for 2 years. A person who buys a starter package without notifying the organizer, is disqualified from the Competition, loses the right to accident insurance and all privileges that a competitor is entitled to.

13. To receive the Invoice in the application form, select the "I want to receive an invoice" option or after logging in to your account at SlotMarket.pl, in the Application history tab, click "I want to receive an invoice".

14. In order to receive a Pro-Forma invoice, please send: invoice data and the number of competitors to the address invoice@sportevolution.pl. Pro-Form invoices are issued for the start of at least five participants (it is not possible to receive a Pro-Form for the start of a single person or a group of less than five people). Pro-Forma invoice is issued only for start-up fees..


1. As a part of the entry fee, each team of the Competition receives:

- Bib numbers with safety pins;

- a swim cap;

- 3 wristbands;

- 3 bags for deposit;

- drinks (water, isotonic), fruit at refreshment points and in the finisher zone,

- a vouchers for the Welcome Banquet (04/09/2020);

2. A relay who completed the Competition after crossing the finish line is entitled to:

- medals at the finish line

- Finisher's souvenir shirts

3. T-shirt size should be provided in the application form. After paying the application, you cannot change the size of the shirt.

4. The basis for receiving the starter package is scanning the QR code sent to the e-mail address provided in the application and verification of the data on the basis of an identity document.

5. The package is released for the entire team at the same time. Individual packages will not be released.

6. If a competitor resigns from the Competition while collecting the starter package, the Competitor will receive a starter package that will not contain items that are necessary to participate in the Competition.

7. Participants are obliged to collect the starter package themselves and to enter the bike in the Transition Zone after collecting it.

8. Acceptance of the starter package is synonymous with the volunteer putting on the armband of the competitor.

9. The Race office will be located at Zawiszy Czarnego Street. Office will be open on 4th September 2020 (Friday) - from 12.00 am to 8.00pm.

NOTE: On 5th September 2020 the Race office will be closed.

10. Starter packages that are not picked up during the Race Office's business hours will not be issued or sent at a later date.

9. Welcome Banquet will take place on 04.09.2020 from 16:00 to 20:00. The basis for receiving a meal is a coupon included in the starter package.


1. The relay race will have:

- general classification of female teams,

- general classification of men's teams,

- general classification of mix teams (e.g. women and men or one woman and two men start in the relay).

2. The official time is the gross start time of the wave.

3. The results will be published on the event website www.ironmangdynia.pl and forwarded to medias.



1. All competitors who complete the Competition will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.

2. The results will be announced no later than 15 minutes before the award ceremony. The results will be on the time keeper website.

3. In the case of absence on the awards ceremony, the prize can be collected only in the Organizer's office in Warsaw to 31.08.2020 r. 

4. Winners of places I-III in the general classification of men, women and mix relays will receive commemorative statuettes.

5. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce additional awards in selected categories.


1. The administrator of personal data of participants in the Competition is SE Group Sp. z o. o., ul. Zimowa 31a / 28, 05-515 Nowa Iwiczna, daneosobowe@sportevolution.pl.

2. Personal data of participants in the Competition will be processed for the purposes of organizing and running the race, selecting the winner and awarding, issuing, collecting and settling the prize as well as other activities related to the business activity and will not be disclosed to other recipients. 

3. In order to measure time, create results, send information about the starting number and the obtained result, the participants' data (name, surname, year of birth, gender, city, e-mail and telephone number will be forwarded to Datasport, Okrężna St. 22, 58-310 Szczawno - Zdrój.

4. The participant has the right to access their data and correct them. Providing personal data and consent to their processing is voluntary, but necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes. Failure to provide data or consent to their processing prevents participation in the Competition. Please be advised that your consent may be revoked at any time.

5. The processing of participants' data in connection with participation in the Competition also includes the publication of the name, year of birth, club of the participant along with the name of the city in which he resides - in every way in which the project will be published.

6. All information on participants obtained by the Organizer and contained in the registration form will be saved electronically and in any case will be used in accordance with applicable law.

7. The organizer reserves the right to conduct interviews with each of the participants, take photos and film them for advertising and promotional purposes, use on the Internet or in radio and television broadcasts and for other commercial needs. 

8. The organizer reserves the right to use all photos, films, interviews and sound recordings of participants of the run free of charge worldwide. They can be used by the Organizer by placing on CD-R OM, DVD, catalogues and media, on websites, in newspapers and exhibitions, as well as for promotional and advertising needs related to the activities of the Organizer.


1. Complaints regarding matters related to the Competition should be submitted in writing together with the reasons to the following address: SE Group sp. z o. o., Janki, ul. Falencka 1B, 05-090 Raszyn, with the note " Relay Sprint Triathlon Gdynia - Complaint", within 7 days from the date of the event - directly or by registered mail (postmark date is decisive) or to the following address: info@ironmangdynia.pl.

2. Complaints sent after the deadline specified in paragraph 1 of this paragraph shall not be considered.

3. Complaints regarding the Competition will be considered by the Organizer within 30 days of their receipt.

4. The Organizer's decision regarding complaints regarding the Competition will be final.


1. All participants of the Competition are bound by these regulations.

2. Each participant is required to read the regulations.

3. Ignorance of the Rules of the Event does not release the participant from the rules set out by the Organizer in these regulations.

4. The Regulations may be changed by the Organizer at any time. 

5. It is prohibited to bring intoxicants, illegal substances increasing physical performance and alcohol to the place of the competition. Participants are prohibited from taking such substances and substances both before and during the competition, under pain of exclusion from them. In the event that the participant is found to violate the above prohibition, the organizer reserves the right to prevent him from participating in the competition or to exclude him during. 

6. The organizer provides emergency medical care along the route and the finish of the competition.

7. The organizer provides water protection (WOPR) during competition in water.

8. The organizer provides changing rooms and a deposit.

9. The organizer is not responsible for items lost during the event.

10. The organizer reserves the right to change the name of the event.

11. The organizer reserves the right to change the content of the regulations.

12. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or change the date of the event without giving a reason.

13. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of the Competition due to snow, flood, structural damage caused by strong wind or storm, tornado, building fire on the Competition route, administrative decision of the President of the City, Voivode or Executive Authorities of the Republic of Poland, the entry fees will not be refunded.

14. The entry fee will not be refunded in the event of overpayment, duplicate registration, disqualification due to violation of the regulations, withdrawal of a competitor from participation in the Competition for any reason or any exceptions. In case of duplicate registration, later registration will be cancelled. 

15. Each participant of the triathlon is obliged to participate in the competition in a swimming cap submitted in the starter package, to put the starting number during cycling: under the saddle and on a bicycle helmet; while running: at the front, at waist height - under penalty of disqualification. 

16. The organizer is not responsible for incorrectly placed bicycle or bag in the change area. Each participant is required to properly hang the bike and the appropriate bag without additional markings provided by the organizer on its starting number. The participant has no right to interfere with the equipment of another competitor.

17. The organizer takes responsibility only for the equipment necessary to complete the competition, i.e. bike, helmet, shoes, wetsuit. Additional equipment (watches, bicycle computers, goggles, etc.) are left in the Transition Zone at the competitor's own responsibility.

18. In the event of theft or damage of equipment, each participant is obliged to report this fact to the Organizer's representative in the Transition Zone and the police. Entries will be accepted by the Organizer only until the equipment is picked up and the competitor leaves the Transition Zone.

19. The organizer is not responsible for any collisions and accidents on the route caused by the fault of the participant, as well as for accidents and random events occurring during arriving at the Competition and returning from the Competition.

20. The results will be published on the event website www.ironmangdynia.pl and forwarded to the medias.

21. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons. The triathlon will take place regardless of weather conditions. If it is not possible to carry out swimming competition (red flag), the swimming stage will be cancelled, a 1.1 km run will be carried out.

21. The organizer has the right to change the rules contained in the regulations, provided that all participants are notified of these changes in writing or during the technical briefing before the start. Absence at the technical briefing does not release the participant from compliance with the rules introduced at this briefing.

22. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of the Competition due to snow, flood, construction damage caused by strong wind or storm, tornado, building fire on the route of the Competition, administrative decision of the President of the City, Voivode or Executive Authorities of the Republic of Poland, the entry fees will not be refunded.

23. The Organizer decides in matters not covered by the regulations.




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