You came to Gdynia for the IRONMAN competition, and you don’t know Tri-city (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk)? This offer is for you! A one-day trip with guide (guide in English) around the most interesting places in Tri-city.

We start on August 6, 2022 at 10:00 (in Gdynia) with a drive to Gdańsk. Through Brama Wyżna we will enter the Royal Road with the Amber Museum, the Main Town Hall, the Neptune Fountain and the Artus Court. Then, along the Motława River, we will go to see the Gdańsk Crane - once the largest port crane in Europe. From there, St. Mary's Street, we will go to St. Mary`s Basilica and finish in front of the Great Armory.

Afterward we will take the coach to Westerplatte, where the World War II began. The next point of the program will be Sopot, where we will walk along the promenade of Monte Cassino Heroes, popularly known as "Monciak" - here our attention will be drawn to the Crooked House, which has won many architectural awards. We will also see the Balneological Department, South Park, South Baths and other facilities related to the spa character of Sopot.

The end of the trip is scheduled for approx. 17:00, when we will get back to Gdynia.

Attention! Tour participants who take part in the competition the next day (August 7) are offered the opportunity to pick up starter packages during the trip! You will no longer have to go to the Race Office to pick up your starter pack. 5-8 days before the start of the tour, we will contact you by e-mail asking if you want to pick up your package during the tour (we will give the packages at the end of the tour).

The price includes:
- entry tickets to visited facilities,
- coffee and croissant for everyone,
- care of an experienced English language guide,
- comfortable bus,
- the opportunity to receive your starter package during the trip

The minimum number of participants in the tour is 8 people. If fewer people register, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip (the cancellation will take place no later than 7 days before its start – in this case the payment will be automatically refunded).