Tim & Rinny Show – the ultimate triathlon couple in Gdynia! [INTERVIEW]

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A roster of the world’s top athletes is always the best way to prove a sporting event’s quality. That’s why we’re thrilled that Timothy O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae – world-class triathletes – are taking part in Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia.
Ultimate triathlon couple

We’ll be able to witness the ultimate sports couple, multiple award-winning athletes take on the race course in Gdynia.
Famous “Rinny” and “TO”, who will take part in the Sunday’s race, have answered our questions. Read on and see for yourself how they manage to combine participating in triathlons all around the world and raising their small baby girl Isabelle and what they eat after race.

It's going to be your first visit in Poland. What do you expect? Are you excited a little bit about new place of competition or it's just another race in your career?
- We are excited about our first trip to Poland, we decided last year that we would love to include at least one new destination race per year. We got invited to come and race in Poland and after a few minutes researching the area we decided this would be an excellent place for a triathlon. The course looks beautiful and we look forward to soaking up all the wonderful atmosphere on race day.

What is your favorite city, region to take part in triathlon competition?
- We have been fortunate enough to race all over the world but I think the best fans are in Europe. Mirinda’s favorite race of all time (outside of Hawaii) is Challenge Roth. I haven’t raced there yet it’s definitely on the bucket list. I think my favorite race would have to be St Croix 70.3 in the Virgin Islands. It’s unfortunately not around anymore but it was a classic!

A favorite triathlon reminiscence - is there a moment that has become particularly memorable?
- I think 2013 in Kona was a very special year for both of us. I placed 5th and had a great day and Rinny won. What made it even more special was the fact that we were getting married just 2 months after the race. Definitely a very memorable moment in our career.

Do you remember any funny, droll situation from races you took part in? Unexpected moments?
- Early on in my career I had one of my pedals come off my bike in the race. I thought my shoe came out of the cleat but when I looked down I noticed the entire pedal was stuck on my shoe and not the bike!

Many countries, many races, many memories - do you collect any souvenirs from IRONMAN competitions that you take part in? Is it important for you to immortalize your's start that way or medal that you're receiving at the finish line is good enough?
- Yes together we have raced and finished so many Ironman events all around the world. There isn’t anything in particular we keep as souvenirs. We do keep out trophies and the special ones are displayed though out our house and in our wine wall!

What is your pre-start ritual? Do you follow any special list of actions or just act spontaneously? 
- We don’t really do anything noteworthy - our pre race schedules are always the same. Breakfast at least 2 hours before the race. Then checking over our gear in transition one last time and going through the race in our minds. We usually just do a short run with a few 30s pickups and then a 10-15min swim warm up if we can. 
Is there anything, beyond the standard equipment of a triathlete, without which you cannot go to the competition? 
Rinny has a pocket full of lucky charms in her bag she brings to every race. I have to have my iPod filled with Foo Fighters songs.

Do you have any special ways of celebrating, treating yourself after finishing the race or after intense training?
Usually with a big hamburger and fries and a nice bottle (or two) of wine. 
How to reconcile family life with a professional sports career? What does your typical day look like?
It’s definitely a juggling act! When we decided to start a family we knew Rinny would just take the year off then come back to racing and with her family in Australia and mine living on the east coast of the US we knew we would need some full time help if we were to both keep racing professionally. So we hired a full time nanny who takes care of our daughter Isabelle when we are out training. We both really value our family time and don’t waste as much time before or after training sessions. It’s pretty much get up, eat, go train, eat some more, do some more training then spend time with our little girl. The days go by fast!

You are travelling and taking part in races around the world with your daughter. How to deal with so many additional actions and staying focused on your goals? How to organised looking after your baby and participation in races?
- Baby Isabelle has really refocused us on training and racing. We know we need to be efficient with what we do and are more motivated to train hard and race even harder because no we are not just racing for ourselves, we are racing for our daughter!
Travel is definitely much harder with Isabelle, two bike boxes, a baby and lots of luggage is not an easy way to get around the world…but it is worth it to have her with us!

You're leading very active and busy, for sure, lifestyle - many journeys, races, trainings, duties, meetings and so on... How to follow a diet and keep your organism at healthy and steady level while having so many activities per day?
- We pay attention to our recovery very closely, if you don’t recover properly then you can’t get the most out of your workouts. I actually have started to eat even more during the day, to keep the body fueled to both train and repair itself. Sleep is also very important, it is the single biggest part of recovery.

You have recently created a YT channel. Where did the idea come from? Did the fans ask you to record vlogs or it was your own decision and initiative to run your online diary?
- We were looking for ways to increase our presence in the sport and interact with our fans and fellow athletes in a fun and exciting format. Our friend and videographer Talbot Cox presented us with the idea and we loved it. We have had a lot of fun with the channel, it is a great mix of triathlon and fun family adventures! Feel free to tune into the channel, “The Tim and Rinny Show”

Is there something that you would like to say to all competitors of Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia?
- We are honored to join everyone at the Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia. We can’t wait to see everyone on the course and look forward to joining everyone in celebration at the post race party!