Historic weekend in Gdynia!

Submitted by lukasz on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 16:58
We are only hours away from a historic event - the first in Poland edition of the legendary IRONMAN distance. Over 700 athletes from 33 countries will take part in Enea IRONMAN Gdynia. Those who decided to take up the challenge will have 16 hours to cover this ferocious distance. The official press conference announcing the competition was held on Thursday.

Enea IRONMAN Gdynia is 3.8 km of swimming in the Baltic Sea, then 180 km of a cycling course along a picturesque and hilly route in Kashubia, and finally a marathon which means running 42.2 km along the streets of Gdynia. The finish line, traditionally in the case of triathlon competitions in Gdynia, will be located on the City Beach. On a specially prepared runway and stands, fans will be able to applaud the daredevils until late at night, who, after crossing the finish line, will hear the characteristic shout of the announcer "You are an IRONMAN!".

Michał Drelich, director of Enea IRONMAN Gdynia
Gdynia loves triathlon and loves to make dreams come true. We are extremely happy and proud that for the first time in the history of the triathlon in Poland, athletes will be able to race the full IRONMAN distance. Special thanks to all the people and partners who are involved in the preparation of this event.



It will be the ninth edition of the triathlon competition in Gdynia, and the seventh edition under the IRONMAN banner, but for the first time in history, apart from the well-known Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, the full distance IRONMAN will also take place.

Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Gdynia Vice President for Quality of Life
We are proud that the first, historic edition of the full distance IRONMAN will take place in Gdynia. Gdynia is an open city where we try to make everyone feel good. Many competitors from all around the world take part in the Enea IRONMAN Gdynia competition. The number of athletes from abroad is growing every year, which shows that Gdynia is an ideal place for everyone not only to live or relax, but also to compete in sports.



Over 3,500 participants will take part in this year's edition of Enea IRONMAN Gdynia. In the coming days, Gdynia will once again become the capital of the Polish triathlon. The organization of such an event requires strong support from sponsors and partners.

Mateusz Pilarczyk from the Enea press office
Enea has been supporting triathlon competitions all over Poland for years, which is part of our commitment to popularizing physical activity. We have been present in Gdynia for seven years and we are happy to co-create an event that will go down in the history of the Polish triathlon. On Sunday, for the first time in our country, the full-distance IRONMAN competition will be held.



The organizers of Enea IRONMAN Gdynia did not forget about many attractions for the supporters. From Friday, the Enea Family Zone will be operating on the City Beach, where everyone will find something for themselves. There will be skimboarding, eco games, experiments, motion trainers and many other attractions. Volunteers will also be able to take part in the "Your watts, your help" campaign. By exercising on a rowing ergometer or a stationary bike, everyone will be able to help in collecting kilowatt hours, which will then be converted into money donated to charities.

The detailed program of Enea IRONMAN Gdynia is available HERE.

More information is also available at: www.ironmangdynia.pl.